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Travel Expert's Birding Team

Since the establishment of Travel Expert Travels and Tours Company Limited in 2009, we have been, as part of our interest, pinning our spotlight to birding around Myanmar, which blankets varieties of species of animals in her solid tropical rainforests. Throughout the years from the commencement, we have set up a number of bird watching tours almost all over the green country. We even targeted to arrange birding before Myanmar’s dramatic reform of 2010, but the cumbersome toil to achieve permission for birding access in remote and border areas was ultimately impossible and it led to failures.

Our Travel Expert’s Birding team is specialize on bird watching and arrange just only birding tours in Myanmar. Having good experiences and strong organization, we are always ready to arrange all different type of the Myanmar Bird watching Tours as mention on our website.

Our team of birding – we have experienced 5 years of bird watching tour arrangements so far – is based upon professionals in the field and we have been spending our time in nonstop researches of the species across Myanmar. The bureau’s nucleus lies on 8 souls – about them is mentioned below – whose expertise shapes the prominent birding business of Travel Expert.


Mr. Moe

Founder of the survey-based Travel Expert’s birding team and possesses 21 years of eco-tour experience.He started his life in tourism as a tour leader and jumped onto the CEO chair of the company after 15 years of strolling around Myanmar viewing wildlife with different types of tours as a tour leader. Moe got Bachelor degree in English from Dagon University and passed Tourist Guide Training course and Tourism Management Courses at Myanmar Ministry of Hotel and Tourism, Service Quality Management in Hospitality and Tourism Course from Singapore Ministry of Foreign affairs. And also he is a member of Union of Myanmar Travel Association and Myanmar Bird and Nature Society.

The Kalaw-based nature lover gained systematic birding education. He had conducted field work and participated in bird surveys with some local and international NGOs for long term and became one of very few ornithologists in Myanmar. He is not only a birding tour leader across Myanmar for all types of bird watching tours but also an enthusiastic leader and an expert of Travel Expert birding team.

Ko Pan (Ornithologist)

Ko Thet




He is native to Bagan, once a prosperous capital of Myanmar in feudalistic era, watches the flying creatures mainly in Chin Hills and Central Myanmar and can bring bird watchers to all parts of the country as a professional birding tour leader. After he had conducted field work and participated in bird surveys with some local and international NGOs, he become one of the good experienced birding tour leader in Myanmar. He is also an all-time member of Travel Expert Company together with Ko Pan.

One of the experienced professional licensed birding guides of our Myanmar birding team. He becomes as a professional birding guide after getting long experiences in birding photography and bird watching. He is not only birding guide but also professional wildlife photographer of Travel Expert's Myanmar birding team. He had already been most of the birding sites in Myanmar as a birding guide and photographer.
He has good knowledge of ornithology and loves birds, butterfly, animals and wildlife as his hobby. He is very friendly and likes to do adventure trips and nature tours.

Ko Ye @ Ye Min Aung

Vincent Lin @ Nyan Lin

Vincent Lin is the youngest professional birding guide in our birding team. He has long time experiences in Myanmar tourism industrial and had been most of the birding divisions of the country.
He has conducted field work and participated in bird surveys with some local NGOS and our team as Jerdon's Babbler and Sarus Crane in Ayeyarwaddy delta and white-browed Nuthatch at Mt. Victoria national park and others surveys in the country. All of his survey experiences make him to become a professional local birding guide.

Ko Lay is one of the experienced birders in Myanmar. He has worked for Nature and Wildlife Conservation Department (NWCD) as a Government staff for seven years from 1999 to 2006 and has conducted field work in long term bird surveys and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) across the country, including Spoon-billed Sandpiper. He has continuous worked with local NGOs and International NGOs Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association (BANCA), Myanmar Bird and Nature Society, Fauna and Flora International and People Resources and Conservation (PRCF) as a Conservation Biologist from 2007 to 2016. All of his birding experiences make him to be one of good birding tour leaders in Myanmar. He loves nature and travel and has been working as a freelance tour guide and leads tours for Travel Expert’s Myanmar birding team. 

Ko Lay @ Tin Aung Tun

Aung Moe




Aung is one of the official licensed professional nature guides in Myanmar. He is an expert on adventure tours and eco-tourism in Myanmar. Travelling is his hobby and he had already leaded the tours for birding, adventure trekking and hiking in Myanmar for more than 10 years. All of these experiences make him to be a good birding guide of the team. He is one of the full time nature guides of Travel Expert's Myanmar birding team. He had been leading the birding tours for several years across Myanmar and had been almost all birding sites in Myanmar for several times. Having birding experiences, he becomes one of the good birding tour leaders of our team.
He loves nature photography and has good knowledge on ornithology. He is young but good knowledgeable experienced birding guide of our Myanmar birding team.

The Putao-born wanderer always spends his time among birds whose flying zone is said to be in Northern Myanmar. He is a junior birder but smart and energized on his job. Having long experiences with his senior birding tour leaders, he become the first local birding tour leader in Putao, Northern Myanmar. 

Moe Min Thein